Your Zakat and Donation can save Abu Talib's Life

By Child Heart Foundation - May 19, 2020

Abu Talib aged 8 months was born in the outskirts of Meerut. His father Aftab Ansari is involved in selling households fabrics from door to door.  The monthly income of the family is Rs 6000 per month and both Aftab Ansari and Gosia Khatun were facing great challenge in running the household expenses.

The family has undergone great trauma and pain as they lost two of their children to Congenital Heart Disease . It severely impacted them and for months they did not communicate even with their close relatives.

The arrival of Abu Talib brought a new hope in their lives and they were overjoyed by this. At the age of 5 months they observed that Abu was showing signs of restlessness and felt worried about the situation. Mr. Aftab Ansari recalls and shares - "Abu had troubled in breathing and was feeling restless. This instance happened almost 5 times in a space of 7 days and we felt worried about this ".

The family urgently rushed to Child Heart Foundation when they came to know about the free OPD services provided on a every thursday. Abu was screened by at the center and was diagnosed with Severe Aortic Stenosis which essentially is narrowing of the valve in the large blood vessel. After the screening of Abu the parents were counselled about the future line of treatment which required an immediate heart surgery.

Abu was immediately registered under CHF HRIDAAN™ Project which provides financial assistance for treatment of Congenital Heart Diseases. All the necessary documents including - Income and Address Proof, Estimate Letter, Medical Prescription etc was collected for verification.

At present Child Heart Foundation is raising funds for Abu's Heart Surgery the estimated cost of which is Rs 3,00,000. This Zakat you can help us cure the little heart of Abu by donating towards his treatment on the fundraising page of Child Heart Foundation.



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