6 Healthy Parenting Tips During COVID-19

By Child Heart Foundation - May 01, 2020

In the current situation when the Corona virus is spreading in the world like wild forest fire, we need to follow healthy parenting tips during COVID-19 outbreak. As all children behave differently during Corona Virus Outbreak due to closure of schools, cancellation of upcoming events and unable to meet their friends, children needs more love and support in this crucial time. Here we have mentioned few parenting tips which will help you create a healthy learning environment at home.

  • Be calm and proactive - Parents should have a calm, proactive conversation with children about COVID-19 and share information from reliable sources. Dr. Damour. ,Expert adolescent psychologist from New York also recommended  “Parents should encourage their kids to let them know if they're not feeling well, or if they are feeling worried about the virus so that the parents can be of help.” Make your children understand that illness due to COVID-19 is mild and it can be treated at home by following certain effective to get rid of this infection by frequently wash our hands, don't touch our faces and engage in social distancing.”

  •  Stick to a Routine - Children need a structure and setup a daily routine or enable them to form one. Dr. Damour. said that she recommend every parent should have a structure of the day like when the children will be allowed to play on mobile, watch TV, a fixed time to do school homework and time to do creative activities like painting, crafting and learning dance. It will be a great help if our children have a sense of a predictable day that when they will be allowed to work and at what day to time they will be allowed to play.

  •  Let your child feel their emotions - With the closure of schools and cancellation of school plays, concerts and other daily activities done in the class which they enjoyed a lot, your child is feeling disappointed due to corona virus. Dr. Damour’s advice is that let your child feel their emotions as for them it is a very big loss while parents measure of these losses on the scale of their lifetime and experiences. As a parent you should understand that they are mourning on their losses so your duty is to make them understand it is temporary life will be normal soon.

  • Check in with them about what they're hearing -  As we know that many misleading information are spreading about COVID-19. Parents should an eye on what they are watching and seeing about the sudden outbreak of Corona Pandemic. Parents should tell them the facts about this infection after verification from a reliable source like UNICEF and WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. If your children want to ask few questions on COVID-19 let them ask and clarify their doubts. If your have confusion in their questions you must verify from reliable sources.

  • Create welcome distractions - Take your cues from the behavior of your children and encourage them to participate in creative activities when kids feel upset or are less energetic. Dr. Damour advises that family should have a game played together every few days or if the children are adult, cook meals together. 

  • Monitor your own behavior -  Parents off course are feeling anxious too but they must never share their emotions with their children. Children take emotions of their parents on them and start feeling likewise. So it is important that parents should do everything to overcome their anxiety. After all parents are sitting on driver seat and children are sitting on passenger seat. So children must feel safe under the guidance of their parents.
 Source: https://www.unicef.org/coronavirus/6-ways-parents-can-support-their-kids-through-coronavirus-covid-19

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