Varun requires continuous access to Life Saving Medicines to fight Pulmonary Hypertension which is a rare life-threatening disease

By Child Heart Foundation - May 27, 2020

Pulmonary Hypertension Patient Varun

Varun aged 18 years was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan. He lost his mother to cancer at an early age and has shared a special bond with her grandmother. His grandmother – Promila Devi received a meagre pension after the demise of his grandfather. The family has exhausted all the savings in the treatment of Varun’s mother and now meeting the daily expenses of the family has also become a challenge.

Varun was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension – a rare life-threatening disease at a very early age.  He was referred to Child Heart Foundation after the family had visited several Paediatricians in Jaipur, Rajasthan. On his screening and diagnosis, it was found that Varun is suffering from Pulmonary Hypertension and required continuous medication and follow up check ups to live a normal life.

Varun was immediately registered under the PH Life Care – a program on extending financial assistance to patients of Pulmonary Hypertension. Varun’s Grandmother – Promila Devi was counselled about the importance of continuous medicines and the way medicines will be provided.

Child Heart Foundation has been delivering Life Saving Medicines at the doorstep of Varun since the last three years along with regular screening and follow up check-ups. The estimated cost of his treatment includes the medical expenses of Rs 1,00,000 for the next one year.

Varun has grown up into a smart young teenager, thanks to the PH medicines he is being advised to take every day, but things are getting difficult now as his grandmother's meagre pension is not enough to support them. His medication is critical for his survival. Help Varun in accessing Life Saving Medicines by clicking on the donate now button.

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