Little Anaya Gets a new Life !

By Child Heart Foundation - April 26, 2021


When the pandemic was at its peak and the country was under a lockdown. Anaya was born to parents Aasif and Praveen in Shahdara, New Delhi. She was born on the date 28/05/2020. Her birth time was quite a struggle for the parents as there was no bed available in the hospitals.

Finally, in Swami Dayanand Hospital a bed was available where Anaya’s mother got admitted 2 days before her birth. Anaya was doing fine till the first two months of her birth. After the second month she started showing symptoms of breathlessness. It was very hard for her parents to feed her anything.

The worried parents started taking Anaya to various private and government hospitals for treatment.  Finally someone suggested taking her to Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya. She was admitted there for 15 days. They did multiple X-Rays and CT scans, where they suspected cardiac abnormality , as they had no Echo diagnostic facility , they referred her to CHF. Anaya needed to get a surgery done in a short time as her weight was falling drastically. 

Her father had lost his job due to the pandemic and they were surviving on their savings and borrowing money from their relatives. They were extremely worried at the moment as they did not have sufficient funds for doing the treatment for Anaya.

Anaya first visited CHF on 2nd February 2020 to get a screening test done. She was diagnosed with Double Aortic Arch and the intervention for this included Double Aortic Arch Repair. Anaya was  registered for surgery and her fundraising process began. 

The time in between her screening and her treatment was extremely challenging for Anaya. She constantly had fever and stayed up throughout nights. It was difficult to feed her anything. They have also visited the emergency room at the nearest government hospital multiple times for seeking treatment. The team at CHF provided them continuous support over the telephone for monitoring Anaya’s health. 

Through the support of a number of Donors on April 2nd 2021 Anaya was finally admitted for surgery at a hospital with required expertise for the diagnosed CHD and the best pediatric cardiology infrastructure. Her surgery occurred the next day from morning 9 am till 12:30 pm. She was discharged after a couple of days from the hospital. 

Anaya is recovering quickly now and has also gained weight. 

Her Father says The birth of Anaya was a blessing for us. I wasn’t able to see the state my baby was in. I would heartily want to thank the donors for whom my baby was able to recover from this so quickly

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