Child Heart Foundation Salutes to The Spirit of Sourav's Father and Wishes Him Happy Father's Day

By Child Heart Foundation - June 20, 2020

Being a father is one of the most satisfying and emotional moment in any man’s life. Holding the bundle of joy, looking at the small twinkling eyes, holding the small fingers which would not let you go. These precious, intimate moments of peace and joy are cherished by any father for the rest of his life … Fathers don’t show their emotions openly as mothers do. It is taken for granted that mothers can cry, hug, and miss their children.. but fathers are supposed to be strong and give emotional stability to the whole family especially to their children. Fathers are supposed to be the Heroes and someone the child looks up to!

The same is the feeling that went through little Sourav’s father's heart when after a long wait; he held Sourav in his arms. The doctor who was checking his wife during those tough months of pregnancy had referred them to see a pediatric cardiologist as she suspected some abnormality in the baby’s heart sounds. Poor parents would never imagine anything would go wrong as this baby was coming after years of prayers and wait. God had to set everything right… they prayed as they went to see the cardiologist. It came as a rude shock to them as they were told that the suspicion of the gynecologist was true and in fact, their baby was going to have heart defects which would require multiple treatments.

On hearing this, both of them wanted to cry and scream but he, as a father stood there as a rock for his wife and the unborn child. They were counseled for going for termination of pregnancy but he couldn’t imagine doing that? He would not let his baby down? He consoled his wife and they left the clinic with a broken heart but a solid resolve that they will have this baby with whatever defects, the only question which he asked the doctor was whether all the defects were treatable? When he was told that they were treatable but involved a lot of money and expenses, he felt his heart miss a beat?  expensive ..  how much? Did he need money in lakhs? how many lakhs? He asked …. Around 7 to 8 lakhs?

He is a daily wager who had never seen more than ten thousand rupees and here he was told that he would need 8 lakhs of money for his child’s treatment. He was illiterate so he did not even know how much that money meant but he knew that meant lots and lots. On reaching his home, he shared the news with his poor old parents.  The old parents knew how much he was looking forward to this child after waiting for so long, told him that they would sell their house, land .. Whatever was required to generate 8 lakhs.

Looking at his father, he felt tears pouring out unconsciously from his tired eyes, his eyes met his father’s moist eyes, and this connection and bond between a father and an expectant father were worth giving up anything in this world. His father assured him that they would manage the crisis and they start planning for welcoming the child with open hearts and arms.

It was destiny that one day after meeting up with so many money lenders and relatives, one of his friends told him about this organization which funds children’s treatment whose parents can’t afford the costs. It was something like a miracle, he got in touch with our foundation and after producing the required documents got his unborn baby registered for the financial assistance program.

He still can’t forget the day when Sourav was born, the most important day of his life, the baby looked so normal and well, just that his body turned blue when he cried. He could not bear to see his baby cry and the whole family would be on toes to not let baby Sourav cry for a second.

Fortunately, his funds got collected and Sourav went for hisfirst surgery in 2019. He came out safe and sound; he is doing well and regularly comes for his follow-ups.

Sourav will be going for his second surgery when he turns three. His father has so many dreams for his baby, He wants to work harder day by day and save money for his better healthy day to day life and his school, college …..

There are many more inspiring stories of such warrior fathers whom we want to wish Happy Father’s day as they are the ones who are real inspiration for working in odds but making their children live with pride and dignity.

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