Help Vinay To Access Life Saving Medicines in Lockdown Period

By Child Heart Foundation - April 15, 2020

Under the CHF SAHYOG Program of Child Heart Foundation financial assistance is provided to enable patients and their caregivers to access treatment of Congenital Heart Defects. The financial assistance provided includes expenses pertaining to their local and outstation travel, Quarterly Screening Cost and enabling the patients to get medicines at discounted rate. Presently we are supporting four patients with Congenital Heart Defects under CHF SAHYOG Program and Vinay is one of them.

Vinay aged 18 years was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Defect at a stage when the family was suffering from financial constraints and challenges. Her mother – Mrs. Rachna was is a single mother and has raised him independently. She had to work as a house help to support the family and also take care of the educational expenses of Vinay and Esha. Esha with a view to support her family started working after her college and undertaking data entry work and paid a nominal salary for the same.

The treatment of Vinay essentially included consumption of life saving medicines and periodic regular check-ups. In addition to these two expenses a lot of money was also spent by the family on their travel to access screening and regular check-ups. Vinay was registered under the CHF SAHYOG Program and The family submitted all the important documents for registration which generally includes – Registration Form, Income Certificate, Date of Birth Certificate of the patient, Proof of Identification of Parents and the patient.

The funds raised by Child Heart Foundation was utilized in providing financial assistance to Vinay to ensure his regular check-ups and reimbursement of travel expenses. The family faced another challenge when the lock down was implemented owing to the spread of cases of Coronavirus cases in Delhi. Her mother and sister lost their job owing to such situations and were told by the respective employers that their employment will only resume after the lockdown is over.  

The situation has created a crisis for the family and the little savings that the family had has already been spent on arranging food and necessary medicines. Presently Vinay and his family doesn’t have funds and requires to support in a situation of the crisis. The inability of purchase medicines has put Vinays Life at Risk and your support is their only hope.

Please come forward and donate so that Vinay can purchase the medicines immediately.

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