Heart of 11-year-old Princy needs your Help and Support

By Child Heart Foundation - March 19, 2020

Princy aged 11 years was born in Ludhiana, Punjab. Her father Mr. Subash Chander drives an Auto Rickshaw and is the only earning member in the family. He used to work for long duration to support the family which comprises of five members. Princy has two siblings – one brother and a sister.

Around 20 months ago, Princy experienced shortness of breath and dizziness while she was playing with her siblings. The family had assumed that it a result of playing in the heat and consulted a local doctor. These symptoms became repetitive and consistent with time and the parents – Subash and Sita became concerned a consulted a doctor in their locality.

Based on the recurrence of symptoms the doctors advised them to visit the discounted OPD services provided by ChildHeart Foundation in Punjab. The family visited Child Heart Foundation and was screened in the Thursday OPD on 17th May 2018. Dr. Vikas Kohli – a renowned Paediatric Cardiologist examined Princy and she underwent Echocardiography Test.

After the screening Princy was diagnosed with Large ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) – a birth defect that causes a hole in the wall between the hearts upper chambers (Atria). The family was counselled about the treatment process named ASD Device Closure and the importance of conducting the intervention.

The estimated cost of treatment of the intervention is Rs 4,50,000 which is beyond the financial capacity of the family. The Program team of Child Heart Foundation registered Princy under CHFHRIDAAN Program for providing financial assistance to the family for the treatment and collected important documents comprising of registration form, informed consent form, date of birth certificate, Aadhaar card of parents, medical reports and estimated cost of treatment. 

You can support Subash and Sita to meet the treatment cost of Princy by donation button below. 100% of the donation received will be used towards the treatment process of Princy which involves ASD device closure and supportive care. Child Heart Foundation will be sharing the updates of her treatment to you in a mode of communication selected by you (Email, WhatsApp, Text Message). 

Check out Princy's Parents Appeal Video for making donation to save their daughter as they are very poor and it is impossible for them to collect so much funds for her heart surgery. 

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