Grateful and Happy Moments Of Our Lives

By Child Heart Foundation - February 22, 2020

Grateful and happy moments of our lives are those when you touh other's lives with a smile, healing touch or just facilitate some good work around......The joy and satisfaction which one gets when results turn out satisfactory, Thank God for that !! Sharing one of many stories which I see everyday. 3 yr old Fareed had come to our center 6 months back, such a cute, fun loving child who had no idea why he used to feel breathless after any physical activity. .. well, no 3 yr old would know that.....
But, we and his family knew the underlying cause for his state of health. After diagnosis, he was a confirmed case of Congenital Heart defect. He needed an immediate heart surgery. His father works as a mechanic in local Chandni chowk area. Fareed and his mother live in a remote village of Bihar with his

Fareed came to celebrate Christmas with us on 24 th Dec 2019. We could see his lips and nails had turned dark purple ....not a good sign at all! This showed that his time was limited and we had to take action. We tried raising funds for him through our donors but could not manage much.
I guess God knew what was coming next, so the help arrived..,. somehow I got in touch with Mrs Sudesh Kumari ji, wife of late Gulshan kumarji of T series group.

She connected with our cause and thankfully we got funds for his surgery. I remember that day when we told the poor family that Fareed would be going in for surgery, both his parents started crying as they had left hope of saving their child.

So, Fareed got operated at Fortis Escorts and he was in our center for follow up visit.
As I held him in my arms and looked at the smile on his mom's face, I thanked God for making me an instrument in helping the family and saving this beautiful child. 

I request you all whoever connects with another life and feels how precious a child is for his parents, please help us save more children and help those families who live with the guilt of losing their children because of POVERTY and their inability to pay for the treatment which otherwise would save their bundle of joy. Please connect with or mail at You can also call at 9999142268.

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